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Dyslexia Ayrshire - About Us

Dyslexia Ayrshire is a voluntary organisation representing the needs and interests of dyslexic people in Scotland, and in Ayrshire in particular. Dyslexia Ayrshire is maintained by a group of volunteers, mainly parents of children with dyslexia.

Our aim is to 'Make a Difference' in Ayrshire and throughout Scotland, to enable and encourage everyone with dyslexia, regardless of their age and abilities, to reach their potential.

We offer:

  • A local helpline for both children and their families and adult with dyslexia, teachers and employers via our Facebook page - Dyslexia-Ayrshire-Facebook
  • Education and support meetings with highly qualified speakers in the field of dyslexia. (These meetings are normaly held in the Lecture Theatre, University Hospital, Ayr.)
  • Partnership meetings with Local Authorities
  • Advice on how to contact a Chartered Educational Psychologist for a full private assessment
  • Guidance on how to make appropriate requests to your school, college, university or place of employment
  • The opportunity to take up issues at the level of the Scottish Government via the Cross Party Group on Dyslexia, which Dyslexia Ayrshire set up in 2005
  • Representation for parents within the HMIe Task Group on dyslexia
  • Assistance with helping parents plan and organise meetings with their school