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The Educational Psychologist's Report

When a child is assessed for dyslexia by a trained Educational Psychologist, the psychologist will document his or her findings in an official report which will be sent to the child's parents or legal guardian, with a copy which should be given to the school along with a request from the parents/guardian for a meeting to discuss the implications, and the way forward for your child. (sample letter)

This report will contain a comprehensive profile of the child, underlining their strengths and weaknesses, and will contain recommendations given the nature of the child's learning needs. The school must take the report into account, but is not obliged to carry out all the recommendations.

If there is disagreement over any reasonable recommendation you should request that the school put their reasons in writing to you. The Disability Discrimination Act, 1995, the Disability Equality Duty 2004, and the Accessability Strategies Act all apply here. Check the Enquire website for more information on these acts.

We have uploaded a sample report.