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"What is your dream for your child?" (Not being able to read may destroy it!) Thursday 11th March 2010

Date: Thursday 11th March 2010
Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue: The Ayr Hospital, MacDonald Education Suite

Prof Tommy MacKay, Director of Psychology, Consultancy Services, is widely known for successfully getting every child in West Dunbartonshire to read. Dr MacKay has won numerous awards in psychology, education and business.

His work in West Dunbartonshire led to establishing the National Literacy Commission and he has been called "a visionary and an inspiration" by Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

Little is more of a concern to parents than the education of their children, and we should all be concerned about the one in five young people leaving primary school in Scotland functionally illiterate, translating into one million Scots struggling with literacy in their lives, trapping them in low pay, lost life chances and social immobility.

Dyslexia affects around one in five young people, and is the commonest remediable disability in schools today.

Prof MacKay will share with us what led him to pursue full literacy across a whole Local Authority.

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