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Meeting with the Scottish Commissioner for Children and Young People - 28th Feb 2015

Date: Saturday 28 February 2015
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: McDonald Lecture Theatre, University Hospital, Ayr

Katie Brown – Head of Participation and Education

Katie's job is to make sure that all children in Scotland know about their rights, know about the Commission and how she can help make Scotland a better place for children and young people.

Cathy Begley – Participation and Education Officer

Cathy works to create good links and relationships with schools and places where children and young people learn. She does this so that children and young people’s views and experiences can be passed on to help make things better.

This is a unique opportunity for children and young people to speak up about their experience of dyslexia without fear of getting into trouble, or of not being listened to! There is no “talk”; Katie just wants to hear from you.

Katie and Cathy cannot take up any case on its own, but they want to hear from children or young people directly on any issue affecting school experience, through organisations like Dyslexia Ayrshire.

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To download a booking form: Booking Form YP Commissioner 28 Feb 15.doc 

Please note, this meeting is free of charge to attend, however any donations would be greatly appreciated.