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Now That We Know It's Dyslexia, What Next? - 13 June 2009

Date: 13th June 2009
Time: 10am - 12.30pm
Venue: MacDonald Education Suite, The Ayr Hospital

Sophie Dow, founder of Mindroom in 2001, is a journalist and mother of two. Sophie's daughter Annie has severe learning difficulites, and is the inspiration behind Mindroom.

Mindroom is a charity dedicated to helping children and adults with additional support needs. Their vision is to create such awareness, that by the year 2020, all children and adults in this country with such needs will routinely receive the recongition and help they need.

Sophie Dow and Mig Couper will be speaking on 'Additional Support Needs with special focus on Dyslexia' and 'How children and young people can best be supported'.

We would like to encourage you to come along to this meeting even if your child does not have dyslexia but maybe one of the other associated conditions such as ADHD, ADD, autism, Asperger syndrome, DAMP, Dyspraxia or Tourette syndrome.

If you would like further information about this meeting please contact our helpline on  01292-443648. It is essential to reserve your place.

There will be a small charge.

Further details and an application form can be downloaded here:

We look forward to meeting you.