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Dyslexia Ayrshire - News


Unsung Hero Award – Rosemary Hannah (Dyslexia Ayrshire) - 24-10-2016

 Rosemary Hannah was nominated for this award for her tireless work over the years on behalf of children and young people and their families with dyslexia across Ayrshire (see below).

At a glittering celebration “Cream of Ayrshire” event held in Seamill Hydro on 20th October her work was recognised and the activities of Dyslexia Ayrshire publicly acknowledged. On the night the winner of the category was Lorna Thompson who has raised many thousands of pounds for a number of charities including cancer.

As a finalist Rosemary was presented with a plaque and vouchers after the celebration dinner. She would like to thank Jim Connelly and Maddie Hamilton for nominating her for the award, and a huge “thank you” to all who voted for her!





Dyslexia Ayrshire needs your help! - 29-09-2016

Rosemary Hannah has been nominated for an “Unsung Hero” award under the “Cream of Ayrshire Awards” scheme 2016 for her selfless dedication to helping children and young people and their families with hidden dyslexia over many years.

Rosemary has reached the top 3 in the final and is very keen to keep dyslexia in the public eye. To do so by winning the award, she needs your vote!

The voting period is over 3 days from Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October 2016 by visiting West Sound website awards.


The person with most votes will win.

Rosemary has been the voice behind the helpline for years, and has offered personalised up-to-date advice and support on every aspect of dyslexia unstintingly, even in the face of long-term effects of debilitating illness.

If you have benefited directly or indirectly, or know of others who have received help, please vote over this weekend, along with your family and friends.

Rosemary says, “Dyslexia affects a surprising 10% of people. It would really help to make everyone more aware of how dyslexia affects young people if it is not identified early enough, or supported effectively. This can explain unexpected low achievement, emotional distress, low self-esteem and reactive behaviours. The more people are aware of it the better, especially with society’s pressures on young people today.”

Please vote! Now is your chance to make an impact for dyslexia!


Dyslexia Ayrshire News letter. (Click on link below) - 22/01/2009